Bob Kanegis is the founder of Tales & Trails Storytelling  and A Story Worth Telling-  The Legacy Story Coach and Guide.

I listen for stories, tell stories, help others tell their stories, think in stories and all in all, I live a storied life.  You’ll find me telling and teaching in the classroom, the library, on the trail, and consulting with organizations hip to the power of storytelling to strengthen communication and improve relationships. In my coaching capacity, I’m passionate when it comes to helping people express themselves authentically and powerfully- whether it’s finding and honing their legacy stories, or preparing for challenging and crucial conversations in life and work.

Martin Buber said that “all true living is encounter.’  I’m glad you found this blog and hope that you’ll find some warmth at the campfire and some story bones to chew over.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than when these posts lead to dialog and a back and forth.

You can reach me directly through information posted at




  1. Bob:

    I’m new to storytelling. I would like to begin “telling” in my community.

    I am also an artist. I remember as a child (early 60’s) we had a local children’s program where the host (a storyteller and artist) would draw while he told his stories on the air. Each story would have a unique drawing to accompany it. There is no programming like this these days as most broadcast TV is national network programming.

    Anyway, my idea is to do something similar today. With a big sketch pad, document video camera, digital projector, and portable roll-up movie screen, I would create my drawings as my stories unfolded. I would project the drawing onto the movie screen so that my audience (even those in the back) could see the drawing develop along with my story.

    I would like to know if you see any pitfalls in such a performance. Any advice to share? I welcome your feedback.

    In the meantime, I appreciate your valuable time and kind assistance.

  2. Thanks for your blog, Bob. I like your philosophy and share your passion for storytelling. There’s still a lot of idealism around and people like you working for a better world. Sharing our stories is certainly a beautiful way of making that happen. Blessings on your work.

  3. Thank you for your work Bob. Having grown up in the 70’s with such works as “Joy to the World” and “Free to Be You and Me” I am often deeply saddened by the divides in our culture. Your blog and your story work is really rewarding and heartening. You are making a difference. How many young children now will greet each other with “I see you”. I am deeply moved and brought great joy by your words and your work. Please keep it up.

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