No Collusion! Real News! Kanegis Vindicated!

Read it and weep conspiracy  theorist of all stripes.  No Collusion.  I repeat… NO COLLUSION.  Here is the evidence.  Here is the verdict.  Squinty eyed liberals probably won’t be able to read the print through their snowflake tears so I will transcribe from the photographic evidence.


Evening Standard  Monday April 14 1913  (New Rochelle, NY)

”  New Rochellean Who Claims He Threw “Big Jim” at Loew’s Theater Wants Prize Offered and Institutes Suit- Theatre Emplyee Claim Grocery Clerk Used Mexican Bull Ring Tactics and Tickled the Bear Contrary to the Rules”

That would be my Great Uncle Louie, my father’s Uncle.  I heard this story from him first hand when he was 91.   He was wrestling Big Jim for $50 bucks prize money.

moving to the 2nd paragraph… now pay attention.

“It is claimed by the defendants that Kanegis did not throw ” Big Jim” according to the rules of the game, but by tickling the bear was able to throw him as he did.  This Kanegis denies and claims that he trained especially for the event, that on the night before he had a seat in the gallery and had carefully studied ” Big Jim’s ” tactics and on the night in question had two hours sleep before he went to the theatre as to be rested for the affray.  It is understood that Kanegis has the names of 300 witnesses, who attended the show that night and who will testify in his favor.

E.J Ludvigh attorney for Lowes’s… investigated the matter as whether there was any collusion between Kanegis and the bear, and whether Kanegis whispered in the bear’s ear before attempting to throw him, and whether the throwing of the bear was accomplished by any trick or device, fraud or deceit, contrary to the ethics of professional bear throwers.

The Verdict!  ” In behalf of his client, Jude Dillen denied that there was any collusion between Kanegis and the bear, that if the bear claimed that he was go get a portion of the fifty, he was telling a falsehood’ secondly that Kanegis was a poor Hebrew grocery clerk, having an ordinary common school education and, not having been to college, did not understand bear talk and therefore, did not whisper anything in the bears ear, and lastly was most emphatic that Kanegis did ot tickle the bear as employees of the theater have suggested… etc. etc…


Uncle Louie was awarded $50 plus $8 in interest.  “The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”




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