Reading Unplugged

Thank you cartoonist  Shannon Wheeler for generous permission to reproduce this image which appears on this month’s issue of Funny Times.  It struck a chord.  As I write I’m looking at a big dent on my computer, sustained after I tripped over the power cord and sent it flying.

Back in 2005 there was an article in Orion Magazine called Charlotte’s Website (Why children shouldn’t have the world at their fingertips)  I highly recommend it for anyone concerned about our relationship to  nature, ourselves, and each other.
The cartoon also evoked this snippet from the poetry of Nanao Sakaki from Break The Mirror. From “Future Knows.”
“At a department store in Kyoto
One of my friends bought a beetle
For his son, seven year old.
A few hours later
The boy brought his dead bug
To a hardware store, asking
“Change battery please.”

Okay, I know you are reading this on a computer, and I’m online as I write it.  Here’s the deal.  I’m going out for a walk. I just barely glimpsed my first butterfly of the season the other day.  I’ll be on the lookout for signs of life.  I’m not bringing any batteries. Later on, I’ll get back to the book I’m reading.

Hope you’ll take a walk today, or encourage your children to unplug long enough to  take a walk or read a book.  Happy exploring to you!

And for more from the curious and insightful mind of Shannon Wheeler-


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  1. I just found this while researching for my book Let Them Be Eaten By Bears – A Fearless Guide To Taking Young People Into The Great Outdoors (Penguin, 2013), and I love this post. This is exactly what I’m hoping more people write about, talk about, and act upon (especially as parents and educators). Thank you. – PBH

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