Welcome to the Campfire

Welcome! I  hope you’ll find something here to warm your imagination and spirit, and spark some thought !  There was a great tradition when I lived and traveled in the north.  You left your cabin unlocked in case a traveler needed to get out of the cold.  You alway’s left the makings of a fire by the stove (dry tinder, kindling, etc) so they could quickly warm themselves up.  Before leaving though, by custom, the guest would be sure to leave the makings of the next fire, ready to go for the next traveler.    What keeps my ‘writing fire’ going is being able to imagine the folks, some of who I know, but many who I don’t (you perhaps).  So please consider, adding a log to the story fire, by way of a comment, or story of your own.  It’s good to know you’re out there, reading, and having adventures of your own!

Please visit my other web-site http://www.storyconnection.com where with my partner Liz Mangual we showcase some of the ways you can engage us with your school, library, or organization.


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