Gearing up for Summer Reading Tour- yes already!

I’m excited about the artwork my friend Peter Menice created for next summer’s library tour. Take a look and please forward to libraries and schools who you think might enjoy a visit from  The Storyteller!  I’ve already booked programs in Chicago and  South Florida.  It’s always an interesting adventure to see where the invitations come from and where the Tales meet the Trail!

I hope you’ll  also take a chance to look at some of Peter’s work at and

Little Bear has a dream.  One of my dreams when I was a kid was to be a Protector of Nature.  I’d go down to the little intermittent stream that began at a spring in the woods at the bottom of the street where I live, build and take down little dams, remove sticks and little log jams from the water, and keep a sharp eye out for poachers!  They built a house right over where the stream used to flow… but it found it’s way through other channels… and still flows into the mighty Minisceongo and eventually into the Hudson River.  I made a pilgramage there late last  August, just after Hurricane Irene. The woods were littered with black walnuts that had blown down… walnuts from the very same tree I remember from 55+ years ago!  I hope… oh heck, I believe that I am living up to my childhood dream… doing my part through my storytelling,  of inculcating a love of  and respect for nature that I hope translates into new generations of young people connected to the source of wonder and wisdom.


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  1. like the 60’s rock concert posters, these may be valuable dollar-wise some day. of course they are “valuable” now too!

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