Driving  to a school program today, Liz and I suddenly and surprisingly found ourselves in the middle of a heated exchange about the appropriateness of a particular story for a group of teenagers.  When Liz offered her take, it  made no sense to me and I sensed VICTORY. I countered with a dismissive,  “but, but, but how how could you possibly think that?” Liz didn’t miss a beat. “You’re right!” she said.  “I disagree with my previous statement!”  What a wonderful example of what we call the Practice of Nevermind- the ability to change your mind without feeling threatened, to let go of  hardened positions and the heat that is generated in defending them.  Full disclosure folks… Liz is far more accomplished at this.  I have much to learn!

We laughed and remembered an incredible teaching by a second grader of ours years ago whose name we have unfortunately forgotten. 200 of our students were creating messages for United Nations diplomats who had come to Muir Woods in California to celebrate the signing of the United Nations Charter 50 years ago.  The students tied their Peace Scrolls to the ancient redwoods and the diplomats walked at sunset into the woods.  Each one left with a scroll.  I found a copy of this scroll this afternoon.  Here it is. The wisdom and hope of a child- a profound lesson in letting go.  A challenge to us all.  I hope that this image  will be widely distributed! Let’s Stop the Wars-the ones as close as our own homes…the ones in far off lands. Okay? OKAY!