I See You! I Am Here!

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngamantu.  I am who I am – because of who we all are together.  These words from a Zulu  proverb seem to be an apt way to begin the first post to this blog.  It’s  and acknowledgement of the indisputable truth that  we are all deeply connected and intertwined with each other in the great web of life.
We were born related.  We just haven’t all met each other yet!

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngamantu expresses a sentiment of a larger way of being called Ubuntu.   Years ago, another storyteller shared a way of greeting and being greeted in this spirit of Ubuntu that resonated so much that I’ve been using it ever since.

It goes like this.

“I see you.”
“I am here… I see YOU.”
“I am here.”

When we walk into the classrooms where we work regularly now, we almost always  are greeted by  the class greeting… We See You!  The kids wait for and expect our response. We See YOU!

To  see and hear another.  Isn’t this is the truly primary gesture of respect?

When we acknowledge each other’s presence, we take a first step towards care and responsibility for each other.  The same happens with the Buddhist greeting,
Namaste.  I salute the divinity within you.

I’ve long wondered whether there is a way to bridge the intimate and live experience of the campfire, with the flickering screen of online communication-
online “community.”  I’m looking at this blog as one way of finding out.

Peekaboo!  I see you!  Is it any wonder that infants the world over respond to this universal game.
Peekaboo!  I see you!
How divine!
Are you there?



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